Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Search of an Identity

After Rishi's demise, the vacuum was too much to bear.  I was considering picking up two healthy stray pups I used to see on my morning walk, at which time I noticed this fellow seeking refuge at the office compound.  The security people had given shelter and taken care of him, but he was seen as a nuisance particularly during peak hours when he was running around here and there, posing risk to himself and annoyance to commuters.  I quickly decided to adopt him and took him home.  The ride home itself is a separate story.  He is too small compared to the Labrador we earlier had and so we christened him 'Chotu'.  He has now been with us for more than three months and has adapted himself very well at home, earning the love of all my family members.  Look how at ease he feels in my house!

I have all along been thinking he must be a cross-breed. Recently I happened to be watching a movie 'Crismon Tide' in which the Captain of the Navy submarine USS Alabama has a pet dog named Bear that resembles Chotu to the core, except the tail - Bear's is only a little curly at the tip, whereas Chotu's is fully coiled. I ran a quick check through the Net and could land on his identity - the Russel Terrier Shorty! See the pictures below, particularly the tail! Not that I mind the pedigree much, but somehow I am happy that Chotu does seem to be an original, good breed after all!

I understand Russel Terriers are very good hunters and good pets requiring some activity, but they do not tolerate naughty behaviour. So, allowing them near children, particularly naughty and hyperactive children beow 6 years, is not advised.

So the next time you visit me at home, be sure that he will be there ready to greet you with all respect as long as you behave well!

ADDENDUM: I stand corrected. My son browsed the web more thoroughly and found that Chotu resembles more of Shiba-Inu than Jack Russel Terrier Shorty. While the similarity is over 95% , the one difference I could make out is Chotu seems shorter than a normal Shiba Inu, but my family disagrees.  Irrespective of the breed, there is no doubt that he unites the family and provides a good relief for us from boredom.

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