Friday, June 7, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Children are always fun, and creative in their own amusing ways.

Look at this essay on the sports day function in a school, submitted as part of the comprehension exercise for children of Class II or III. 

          One day on Sunday
          Prinkle kept a race
          I run to Prinkle
          Prinkle give me prize!

This happened several years ago.  When we were discussing in the evening at home about the school activities for that day, my son recounted the above essay by his classmate.

Apparently, the sports day was held on a Sunday.  A running race was organized in which this child participated.  Prinkle could mean either the Principal or it could just have been a name understood as Prinkle by the child – let us not mull over it.  Obviously, Prinkle was sitting or standing at the other end of the start of the race, and the children were asked to run towards him.  On completion, the winner was given a prize.  

Let us imagine a situation where we as adults are asked to write a short poem on this.  Do you think we would have produced anything sweeter than the one done by this child?

This has remained etched in my memory ever since I first heard it, which was at least 15 years back.

Now read the essay again and realise how beautifully the child has expressed the event in his/her own creative style!   I would say this is one of the most simple and sweet poems ever written!


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