Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breakfast with Peacocks

Recently, I had been to Delhi for two weeks.  We were put up at the popular India International Centre which is situated on the Max Mueller Marg. The place had a nice, spacious dining hall with large windows presenting a good view of the huge trees on the other side. 

Life in Delhi is a little lazy, at least at the start of the day.  They had a very limited menu for breakfast, so our choice was invariably a paratha, a toast and a cup of chocolate.  Despite seeing us order the same thing every day, they took their own time taking the order and more time bringing the breakfast, leaving us to sit idle and just chat for over half an hour every day.  We were getting a little restless and impatient at this. Being a nature lover, my sights naturally set on the outside. 

The first two days went without much to see, except for the usual pigeons, bulbuls and of course, kites at a height. Delhi is so full of kites everywhere. As we were chatting, something big across the glass caught my attention. I could not believe what I saw through the glass.  I was simply not prepared to see this huge bird, our national bird the peacock, at such close range!  I quickly ran to my room and brought my camera.


I got up and went near the bird.  I thought I saw one bird, but there were more on the adjoining parapet! 


And more on the trees! 

Looks like at least a dozen of them live somewhere nearby and make it a point to enjoy the morning. 

pcock11 pcock12 pcock14

From that day, I made it a point to remember to take my camera when going for breakfast.  The peacocks went missing for two days, but they made their appearance again on the third day and I lost no time in clicking them.  And, I thanked the staff for their leisurely service, giving me enough time to shoot!


Forgot to add, all the photos were taken through the glass.

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