Thursday, October 8, 2015


The Story of Band-Aid

There lived in the US a young couple
In the small town of New Burnsville
Earle and Josephine as they were known
They lived happily with affection shown

His job at work was to procure cotton
For the Johnsons who made gauze a-ton
Smart at work, he earned a decent living
To let them live with care and giving

Earle, though happy, did have a worry
Whenever he saw his wife hurry
Into a chore with intent good, but
Always come out with a nick or cut

He tried to brush this away gently
But couldn’t, as this happened too frequently
He soon grew tired of dressing her wound
And decided to find a smart way around

He cut the gauze into small squares of shape
And stuck them in the middle of the bandage tape
Covered the tape with a removable film
Aha!  Ready was his cure, neat and trim

Now it was ever-so-easy to dress his wife
And she happily went about using her knife
Thus was born out of the bondage of love
The magic Band-Aid that we too love

An invention that quickly cured a wound
Was quick too in earning revenues around
While Josephine showered Earle with kisses and praise
The Johnsons too offered him an appropriate raise!